(Warehouse Wreckage) Problem

For some reason the projectiles are only shooting for the back of the player pawn spawned in instead of follow the camera. The only time they fire ahead is if the pawn is moving. But when it is still, it shoots out the back. What is wrong with this? UPDATE: It seems the Unreal Engine spawns the pawn in backwards by default. But, you can’t rotate it or code it to face the other way. I am lost.

I think I had a similar issue. In my case the projectiles collided with the player pawn on spawn from certain angles, so I could see them bouncing back on the rear wall. You can fix this by disabling collision on the player pawn or increasing the distance of the projectile spawn point to the pawn.
Hope that helps.

Ok Here is how I Semi-Fixed Mine, I Spilt the Struct Pin and then added the Values. But, I do Noticed the projectiles are coming now coming from a above the Camera I Wish I could move the Camera up so it is level. But I may try to fix this later.

They are coming from above the camera because you are increasing the z value of the spawn point and that’s the vertical axis. Leave that at 0 and try doing the same to the axis your pawn is facing (x or y, I don’t remember) and that should do the trick.

What you’re really trying to do is spawn the projectile a little in front of the pawn which you can do by doing what you did on the right and then adding it to the location like so

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