Walking area - navmeshsurface


i’m struggling with the problem - i want to move and now i have a place where i can walk. But problem is that instead of climbing stairs i’m going through the stairs, walls, cubes etc. Why is that and how to prevent that?

Other question: how to install NavMeshSurface (or the whole AI and other components that are n ot installed by default)?

If you’re walking through objects, I would think they’re missing colliders or Your layers are not colliding properly

do I have to set box collider for every object? shouldn’t navmesh do it instead?

Honestly I would have to test, start with putting a glider on one object and re-bake the nag mesh to test. Also do you happen to have nav mesh agent on the player right

So a quick scan of navmesh does talk about how it is creating by detecting collisions. So try a collider. Also shoot a screen shot of the mesh as well

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