VS 2019 just doesnt look or act right......help please

Hi Community.
My VS looks like this;

I dont get the same colour coding or suggestions and i remember earlier in the course i spent a considerable amount of time trying to sort according to instructions but just gave up and got on with it, now it bugs the hell out of me!!

Any help would be much appreciated.
(Unity Build 2019.3.7f1)

Do you have the Unity plugin installed on VS? I believe it’s under tools, also you will have to go into Unity’s settings and make sure you have VS set as your editor.


In addition to what @Riley_Waldo suggested, please watch lecture “Fixing Visual Studio Problems” (currently #4 in our Unity 2D course, and #7 in our Unity 3D course).

Solved; Thank you my friend, had to set VS as the editor.
Gave up on this before as didnt quite work i think maybe because i didnt restart afterwards.

Thank you and thanks Nina.

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