VR Goals



My name is Richard and I’ve been in game development since the early 8 bit days. My first professional project was on the ZX Spectrum if anyone here can remember that!

Professionally I’m a animator/ TD so I don’t use C++ in my day job, but a lot of MEL and Python instead.

More recently I’ve been working in animation more than games and do a lot of advertising for Lego as well as the occasional TV or Movie project, but VR has made me want to get back into games again and I’ve done a few small projects on the side.

I created a Gear VR game last year called Jogger, which was a sort of a Frogger game where you ran on the spot to move forward which got a lot of attention on Reddit, but that was created in Unity and I now want to make the switch to Unreal, hence this course.

To answer the course questions, my VR goals are to eventually get another game on the Oculus store and perhaps steam, but made in Unreal this time. I have a few designs I’m working on but my first learning project is a fetch experience with a Trex.

I’m trying to put in as much time as possible on this course and so far I’ve managed at least an hour a day. I’ve also done the first 4 sections on the other C++ Unreal course, but I feel I still have a lot to learn.

My side project as mentioned above is a simple experience where you can play fetch with a cartoon T-rex.
I have some tests working with him running around a navmesh and another using the blueprint VR actor included with Unreal, but I wanted to expand on this and create it myself in C++.

I have a Oculus Rift as well as a Gear VR and Go, but I haven’t touched the mobile versions in ages. I will probably pick up a Oculus Quest when it is released as well. I love the idea of arena scale.

I am looking forward to the climbing sections in this course. One of my designs needs the ability to climb cliffs so I’m hoping to learn a lot from that section.

So far this course, and the C++ one, has been great and I’ve learnt a lot. I would highly recommend these coursed to others.