VR Goals for my Indie Game Dev Dream

  1. My Goals are to create games and stories in VR because it is such a powerful platform. I have one idea in mind but I need to learn how to actually make one.
  2. I will be dedicating a lot of time to this course since I am currently in between jobs.
  3. I have a side project that I want to apply what I have learned in this course to.
  4. I am currently using a Rift and I am excited for the Oculus Quest to come out this year.
  5. I am looking forward to understanding all of the course really but I am most interested in the ways to reduce motion sickness since I am one the gets easily sick. Even playing regular video games like Minecraft make me sick after some time so I would be interested in ways to best reduce that in VR so everyone will feel comfortable in my game.

I am just all around excited!