VR games made with Unity

I really enjoyed checking out the videos of games made with unity. I am so not interested in anything that is (a) horror or (b) shoot em up kill em so I was really excited to find:

  1. Where cards fall - I’m intrigued - looks like a puzzle game!
  2. Selma and the wisp - might be ok…
  3. Pan-Pan - you had me at “solve environmental puzzles” - absolutely what I want to create!!
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When I checked out the “Made with Unity” Section I noticed that Ori and the Blind Forest, as well as Pillars of Eternity, were made with Unity. That’s awesome! Ori is an absolutely beautiful and entertaining game that I played on Steam a while back and I definitely recommend it. Pillars of Eternity is also amazing if you’re a fan of Baldur’s Gate style games.

Awesome to see that something as amazing as those two games are possible in Unity. :smiley: Makes me super excited to get going!

EDIT: Also, doh, the title says “VR games made with Unity.” How did I miss that in a VR class? :joy:

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Does anyone know which Cinematic VR experiences have been built in unity spheres?

I think the list is missing a few. Here’s two more that hit the GearVR this year:

Wands: amazingly detailed environments and spell effects, pushing what’s possible on mobile VR

Overflight: Dogfighting deathmatches in Spitfires. Need I say more?

I thought Headmaster was clever. Very simple interface; soccer balls are thrown in your general direction, and you whack them into the goal with your head (by leaning slightly in your chair, so as to not break the headset).

Job Simulator is another big one, leveraging clumsy VR physics for comic effect.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes has a nice multiplayer dynamic, wherein players have to cooperate blindly through verbal communications. (one player has a headset, and is effectively blindfolded. they can see only the bomb that they need to defuse. other players have an instruction manual, but can not see the bomb. tension ensues)

Interesting side note: I don’t think the games that jumped out at me feature any kind of locomotion. The camera moves to match your head, and that’s it.

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I’ve finished playing through Job Simulator. I thought it was a blast!

Job Simulator was a blast, but I only got to play the demo. Headmaster was also on the PSVR demo disk, but I thought it had lousy physics… or my headset wasn’t configured properly.

I commonly enjoy horror, and all the games I’ve seen so far that are horror - based are on a whole different level than any other game I’ve played. The “Rococo” game looked interesting, especially since it isn’t just graphic horror but looks beautiful and atmospheric, which is more up my alley.

There don’t seem to be any “VR Experiences” listed that I can find that are available for me to try out, but, having a degree in film, this is another one of the things I’d be interested in working on. On the PSVR demo disk there are two such ones I’ve tried out, Alumette and Invasion. They were both pretty great. I’d like to do this to one of my animations, “One Last Time,” a 30-second silent short about a boy who grows up to invent time travel so he can see his father one last time.

I tried Job Simulator too. It reminds me of Accounting, (similar game) but with more humor, though I’m not sure if that one is made in unity. I’ve generally enjoyed all of the 1st person shooters I’ve played on Vive so far, but I think my favorite game made in unity is Call of Starseed. It’s more puzzle based and the graphics are rendered well. I didn’t think I would enjoy puzzle games so much. If you haven’t tried it, I strongly recommend it.

A quick google search of Unity VR games returned the Made with Unity/Showcase - Gallery page.

Filtering for “VR,” I came across Monzo, an app that lets you build a model kit (car, plane, etc.) PRETTY NEAT!

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