VR Course Goals



Hello all. Per the challenge frame, I am compiling my course goals here.

For the questions posed in the slide:

  1. What are your VR goals?
    I plan to pursue VR development as a personal hobby. I enjoy creating interactive experiences for others, and VR is the perfect environment for this.
  2. How do you plan to follow the course?
    I plan to pursue the course as recommended, with a minimum half hour devoted per day to study and development. In a few weeks, I will be able to devote more time to pursuing development and study.
  3. Do you have a side project?
    I do not currently have a side project, but I fully intend to as I progress through the course.
  4. What platform have you got?
    I currently have immediate access to a WMR headset and Gear VR, but I might be able to test on Vive/Rift.
  5. What are you looking forward to?
    Learning to develop VR using UE4. I have used UE4 in the past, and even have figured out how to implement SteamVR in Unity, but this course offers an opportunity to learn in UE4, from a reliable instructor.