VoxelFarm Development

Possibly a reach, but looking for anyone who might be interested in working on a VoxelFarm project with me. First, if you don’t know what VoxelFarm is, it’s the engine that SOE/Daybreak used for building Landmark (the precursor to the now cancelled EverQuest Next). VoxelFarm is a for purchase engine, and you would, at minimum need to purchase the SDK license which is not free. The engine is written in C++98 style, I am working with two other guys on a project for which we are using this engine. Here are some details of the project:

We are using Unity to render the world and handle animation.
We are using VoxelFarm as a plugin for Unity to generate destructible terrain, handle collision, physics, and world mesh.
We are developing a modern C++14 style API wrapper for VoxelFarm to provide a more flexible interface.
We are planning to build the server, network, database, and game systems in C++ to be deployed as custom cloud components leveraging OAuth, OData, and other common service protocols. The scope of this line item cannot be understated, in some cases we will leverage existing technologies and solutions.
We are possibly implementing some C# interfaces for scripting AI, for example, if we determined that Unity solutions are insufficient.

The API design is largely complete, the remaining tasks are largely discreet backlog tasks, implementing various functions for the plugin. We have a need for really anyone who’s interested in participating in a passion project, who’s down for a challenge, and has the means to explore an incredibly fascinating modern voxel based procedural engine!

Hi i’m a programmer and a beginner game developer, i’m realy interest in Voxels and similar engines and i have a question. It seems to me that the majority of the code will be written in C++, so why using Unity instead of Unreal Engine 4 ?

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