Voice of Experiance Needed

The image below is the side of a ship I’m modeling for a project in either Unity or (more likely Unreal) and I need input from someone(s) experienced with those engines.

I’m thinking I should dissolve the selected edges to reduce geometry but, I’m wondering if it will really make a difference?

Just a general question, is this FF Artwork only a change of color/material on the object or do you extrude or delete those parts to create some new geometry? Because if it’s only a change in color/material I would just use a texture for it, this keeps it waaaaay simpler.
I know this is only a small thing, but you should work as optimized as possible from the beginning on, so it comes natural when you make bigger things. This applies to mesh complexity and realization decisions (e.g. using textures instead of editing the mesh)
Besides that I would suggest having the mesh looking something like this.

Trying to keep most of the faces quads (4 vertices). I’ve marked the non-quads with the number of vertices, so you see this exists nearly out of just quads. Again this may not matter that much in this case, but for bigger projects it can cause big problems.

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It is just a change in color and I did try to create it as an image based texture and it has taken me an hour of fiddling to get this

I guess the best way to fix it from here is to rotate the base image…

You should just use a UV map and squish it into place. But if you’d rather just rotate the base image, it’s probably easier.

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