Visual Studio vs MonoDevelop


The situation I find myself in is when i open the script file to edit it, instead of opening monoDevelop, Unity opens my Visual Studio. This shouldn’t be an issue, however, when I run and attach the file to Unity, the code compiles, but, nothing happens in the console within Unity. Is there a way within Unity to designate that I want to use MonoDevelop instead of Visual Studio? I am running Unity5.2.0f3.

Hey I see it’s been a while and you’ve either figured it out already, or have gotten used to Visual Studio. Either way, maybe somebody else will end up here looking for an answer. You can designate your IDE under Edit->Preferences->External Tools->External Script Editor. Cheers :ok_hand:

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Unity does work with Visual Studio too so why your script didn’t run in Unity I’m not sure. Did you create the script from Unity and then open it in Visual Studio or did you create it in VS and then drag it into Unity?

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