Visual Studio for Mac

Hi, im completely new to programming & a Mac user. I’ve just started the course & it’s at a stage where Visual Studio shows up in the lecture. After clicking on the C# script, MonoDevelop appears. Im planning to download Visual Studio on my Mac for the course. Any problems with VS on a Mac? Thanks for the advise!

I haven’t tried it on Mac, I’m not sure if there’s a free Community version. However if you have problems, give Rider a try. From the people who make ReSharper.

Another great option is Visual Studio Code - runs on Mac perfectly, and doesn’t have the bloat of VS.

Awesome. Many thanks for the advise! I will try out VS Code.

Hi Felix!

Have you used Visual Studio Code since? If so, how is it? Does it have any of the nice features of standard Visual Studio (TODO tracking, automatic definition creation, method descriptions on hover, etc)?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Freeman,

Nope, i gave up after two weeks, as it lacked those nice features of
standard VS. Im unsure if VS Code has improved since. But, at that point in
time, it had none of the features you are seeking. And then i discovered
there’s a VS for Mac & it came with all the magic. Worked like a charm!

Thanks for the response!

Good to know. But I thought VS for Mac doesn’t have C++. Am I wrong?

Unfortunately, it’s C# for VS Mac for now. So far, only VS Code supports
C++, if ur using a Mac.

Dang. Oh well.

Thank you so much for your insight!

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