Visual Studio Code not giving me a working terminal

When I load Visual Studio Code, I get one of two issues. Either I open it directly and the Terminal menu option appears, but the ‘cl’ command doesn’t work “‘cl’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.” or I load it in cmd>code and the terminal menu option doesn’t appear. What is going on?

I presume you’re the Peter I’m talking to on Udemy?


Peteman, I don’t have an answer but do have a work around if you are a Windows user. I have been working on learning C++ via tutorials on which has instructions on configuring VS 2019. Got this running on Win 7. I started the Unreal tutorial and ran into issues with VS CODE regarding running code in the console so decided to just use VS 2019. Since I already had it working and since it will be required further on in the Unreal tutorial it was easier than trying to troubleshoot VS Code. Glad I made the decision and am happily working through the tutorials. IMHO the site is a great resource and it’s free. HTH.

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