Videos got blurry

I used to be impressed by how sharp and clear the video recordings were.
All of the sudden, everything is blurry (even if I go back to the earlier videos)
Something has changed in my setting somewhere, but I don’t know where.
Anyone have any ideas? I’m bearing with it for now, but know I shouldn’t have too …

example image of “blurry video”

This could be an internet bandwidth issue, can you run a SpeedTest, and also check the player is in HD. Also, which video is this please?

Actually i think its Udemy’s end as i watch the videos on 1080p but recently the video has restarted itself and become blurry.
A way to solve this is switch to 720p and then back to 1080p and it clears up.
I havent tested if staying on 720p negates the issue though.

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I’m on lecture 114, but they all look the same.

Speed Test: 26 up, 6 down - should be fine.

Odd: I just brought up IE (I usually use Chrome) and it looks better. Not great but better. See images below

Where do you switch the resolution? I don’t see that … On YouTube it is in the lower right corner, but in the UDEMY player I can’t find it …

Never Mind - Chrome didn’t have the little gear symbol. I opened a new Chrome window and it did appear. Image is much better now.

Here is UDEMY’s help:

Udemy automatically optimizes video resolution based on your internet connection speed, but the video quality can be adjusted at any time by clicking on the gear icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the course player. Currently, courses can be viewed in 360p, 480p, 720p, or 1080p when available.

This i sreally odd.

I simply opened a second Chrome browser and pointed it to the exact same lesson.
Here are the side by side results of the exact same lesson in the exact same browser:

The blurry browser has lost the little gear symbol at the bottom right of the window. The clear browser has the gear and it is set to 1080.

I may have to switch to a different browser for a while and see if these disappearing settings icons are an issue there …

Its a little strange but it depends on where the issue lies.
Udemy states its a bandwidth/network issue but that is not necessarily at your end.
I test in at 59.74Mbs download 19.01Mbs upload and i still get the issue occasionally although i noticed today was particularly worse than previous.
I wouldnt worry if you have the cog just change to 720p and back to 1080p or just Control & F5 refresh usually works too.
Still it is irritating to have to find your progress though the video again.

Thanks for this, @Jessie_Udemy are you listening? You may find this helpful.