Victorian Cottage im Slowly finishing the texturing on ..taking forever!


Another nice piece of work. How many faces and verts?

Thanks Morgaine :slight_smile: 12 thousand faces and 13 k verts … The houses that i have seen you make before were they for SL? Is there a real strict poly count for assets that are used in SL?

Since starting this course, I haven’t actually made anything for SL. I take that back I did make a couple of very low poly items and uploaded just to see if I could do it! But, yes, there is a strict poly count, which is a little over 65.5 k triangles per object I believe. I am so not techie but, the way I understand it, quads are broken down into tris by the uploader function when you go to upload to SL. The maximum number of materials per object is 8. SL only accepts collada (.dae) files for upload, which luckily Blender does.

Here is a couple of links to some technical which may make more sense to you.

I don’t know how much longer SL will be in existence. It is not being updated or advanced due to most of the money (being siphoned off from SL residents to fund the new platform…LOL) for a new platform Linden Labs is creating called Sansar. Sansar is a different concept from Second Life, which many may enjoy.

From what I can tell, asset wise, it will be for professional creators, not for folks like myself, and have heard that Maya is the go to product to create asset mesh for others to purchase. It doesn’t sound like it will be allowing much in the way of personal creations or learning to create as you currently can in SL. Being able to buildingI my own things, was a great and fun way to learn and contribute back to the Second Life world. I hate to see that no longer a part of any new platform that comes along. It got me into learning photoshop, frustrating Blender, albeit a lot of years too late, and other things like simple scripting and animation creation. I truly hate to see that opportunity die.

Philip Rosedale, the original creator of SL, also has a project going in respect to VR using the Occulus Rift and other similar devices. It is open beta currently if you wish to try it. I have tried it and it is rather clunky and doesn’t work so well with a keyboard not to mention, it is even more techie related in my mind as opposed to SL.

SL does have a huge learning curve but I think these other platforms will have much larger ones making it not overly appealing to the average person next door. LOL I know someone in SL who, after 5 years, can barely change his shoes and clothes. I simply can’t imagine him going to these other platforms and staying around for whatever reason.

Again, you have a nice model you are working on. It is nice done and great textures.

Thanks for the reply and detailed explanation of SL! Sorry for the delayed reply! I meant to answer this a week ago! For what its worth I think the Sl people are making a huge mistake making their new product in a way where the community will no longer be able to make their own items! Kind of crazy because people really get into creating their own props or mods for games etc!
I have never tried SL but of course heard of it and have seen youtube videos etc …seems like a different way to have a social life without ever leaving home :smile: its a shame that it is slowly dying down, but not to worry im sure newer and better social interactive world are for sure on the way! I bet the next big thing will be an Sl but in a virtual reality environment!
So now that you no longer are learning / mastering blender for SL what is your ultimate goal for Blender? Again sorry for the delayed reply, i need not mean to ignore your post my friend ! And thanks for the compliment on my cottage …slowly slowly im improving this mega difficult Blenderverse lol

You are most welcome. Life happens! The saying in Second Life has always been RL (real life) first!

SL use to be a passion of mine back in the day not so much anymore though. The population has changed over the years so the community is just not as friendly, at least in my mind, as it was say 4-5 years ago. When I first started, it was all about people helping people…today, sadly, it is much less so. A new person coming to SL today without someone they know in game can quickly pull out their hair and quit! It is pretty complicated to get up to speed even with the help of someone you know.

I have to agree it would be a mistake to turn off SL since it is still quite a cash cow at this point :slight_smile: But, like all things, it is first and foremost a business. The personal creativity, by the Residents themselves, I think truly made it a success. Not everyone is into, Shoot 'Em Ups, or endless questing or farming endlessly! It fulfilled a niche for those not into such things, such as myself! :-). At it’s hiatus, some folks were actually making a pretty good real life living from SL and/or supplementing their incomes. Those days are long gone now I believe. Too much competition and too many left the venue due to some truly disastrous policy changes by Linden Labs. Rather than listening to their customers and/or being transparent about their decisions, they drove many paying customers away. It was definitely a grand learning experiment for many people including the Lindens.

That is the odd thing about SL, it could be social, or, it could be just a place to learn and create things and not be social. One of the neat things was/is many disabled people from around the globe had something they could become involved with no one being the wiser of their disability. I have had multiple conversions over the years with many of varying disabilities and they all have said SL gave them a new lease on life. :slight_smile: It not only gave them something to fill their time with, they could interact socially with others without the physical burden such would entail in the real world. Most I spoke with said it gave them a lot of confidence and made them feel like their could still contribute something.

At one time, there was a pretty strong real world educator community that used the platform for virtual teaching. Not to mention, university students want to run survey’s for undergrad and graduate work. I think there was not enough support from the Lindens , the venue was too complex for students, plus the economy turned and budgets tightened. It was a good idea at the time but, life moves on. Will just have to find another place I enjoy in the future :slight_smile: Hanging out here in the forums is good!

Not sure what my ultimate goals are at this point, although I do want to continue to learn Blender. Just have not been terribly motivated since the first of the year. I am not really interested in actually creating a game myself so, maybe work with others to create assets for gaming platforms?

It’s always nice to see your work. You do a great job!

Thats all very interesting! I did not know that much about sl so its neat to hear what a complex and interesting place it was! Also interesting to hear how disabled people got to sort of live out their fantasy of a normal life within it! I am partially disabled myself, i was a professional acrobat until some idiots crushed me onstage one day changing everything for good …so i in a way get how it can be appealing to be able to do everything you once could or wish you could again even if its in a virtual world! I got into world of warcraft in a siocial way when i fist got hurt more for the social aspect than anything else…i still had a social life even though i was trapped indoors it was a great help! I could still do all kinds of physical stuff in that world even though my real world sucked haha so i get how it can be appealing to people that are physically limited!
Pretty neat idea hosting classes in a virtual classroom etc …what a neat concept the whole thing is…i have no doubt the not too distant future will host more virtual world like SL probably even better ones…so while SL is slowly dying unfortunately i bet you a bigger and better virtual world is coming soon or already underway im sure of it!
You always do really great work with Blender so keep at it! Designing for games is a good route…ben and michael have a few great courses and a couple underway that would put you in the right direction and get you going in it … I have been helping michael making assets for one of their new courses …making the game assets was very different than i expected…initially i was just asked to make these low poly items …i hated making low poly i just felt like i was creating things that were too simple i guess you could say lol but thats what was needed in the beginning to keep the process fast and the work flow going then once a model is accepted as in it will be used in the game then it gets made up given character like made to look old and used and textured and turns out looking great even though it started life as a simple little thing haha …its been very interesting :slight_smile: i Bet you would be good at game assets design you should give it a whirl!


Wow, a professional acrobat! Sounds like an interesting occupation! :slight_smile: I am sorry that your were injured. I had a really terrible car accident myself quite a few years ago and ended with a slight walking impairment. One thing about it, once you get over the trauma, you learn to adapt :slight_smile:

Actually, the accident is what got me into gaming related things more or less. I had read an article about micro surgeons using X-Box and other gaming venues to increase their concentration and hand and eye coordination so tried it myself as part of my personal therapy to enhance both. I ran out of X-box games then found SL and not looked back since. All has been a very positive benefit in my life, learned a lot, and have a new direction.

Not really into the front end game design, will leave that to those who can program and those with clever ideas. Coding is so not my thing! I don’t understand it and don’t get it…well, I get it but can’t seem to make sense with what goes where and the why of it. I am more into making things look good and naturally arranged so is more realistic appearing :slight_smile: I am afraid me and low poly would be out of sorts though. Tries hard to make low poly but has such a time with it.

Sounds like an interesting thing you are doing with Michael and Ben. I might just have to take the course and skip the parts I don’t understand or want to so see how the work flow goes. It’s something really unknown to me as far as games creation is concerned. You will have to let me know when it’s out and will take a gander at it. Maybe it will push me into creating again.

It was a great life Morgaine…travelled the world doing something i love till some idiots stole it from me…hes the even crazier part i also had 2 tigers a leopard and a lion for 10 plus years haha i had a wacky life! Im so sorry to hear about your accident and injuries! These lifelong body wreckages suck! But like you said you adapt but dunno if you can ever be as happy as you once were after! I know i am not and don’t think i ever will be as i was a super active person and just can’t get used to this way or living!

I was not talking about coding and front end game design …i meant making assets for games :slight_smile: I will give you the link to a couple of courses michael and ben have or are upcoming that teach you exactly that…dont worry i am absolutely awful at low poly as well …i just can’t make anything look right unless i use all my tricks … but you would be surprised if you are good at high poly you can certainly make low poly assets its much easier than you think when you are at your level…heck the one low poly scene i ever made for the weekly everyone hated and i was quite chuffed with it hahah but i get it, it was so damned simple all the buildings etc lol Here is the other thing about game design which would suit you …almost always on a commercial project there is a modelling team not one or two modellers but a team …some are best at making the assets others are better at texturing etc …you usually get assigned to what you are best at like for you texturing it sounds like would be your comfort zone making things look pretty …from my experience the pipeline goes as follows…an art design document is made by the director which gives you direction naming formats assets style …time era etc then low poly models are submitted in the direction of the ADD … the director accepts which models he thinks would work in the game and then asks for more detailed versions that maybe look aged or have a certain style in the direction the game is going …once those come back the models go out for proper uvmapping and texturing …many times the creator of a model does not take it through to completion as it gets handed off to someone else for texturing or finishing touches… anyways i am certain you would enjoy game model design and be damned good at it …dont get hung up on your no good at low poly etc … its not really low poly art style but simply assets that are quite simple to begin with…basically just blocked out with vert counts kept to a minimum …reason being not to waste too much time on the initial models as they may not be whats needed and keep the work flow going at a good pace… Anyways i think you would like it and be great at it all :slight_smile:

LOL you are quite the daredevil is sounds like! Who knew the wild escapades with the youthful dune buggy was just the tip of the ice berg! You will have to send me some of your more fascinating adventures privately some time. It is the one thing I like about virtual worlds, you meet some of the most interesting people from around the world! :slight_smile:

The accident was just another part of life you live through it and glean life lessons from it. Other than some adjustments in mobility, I will never win a footrace :slight_smile: you just adapt. Makes you stop and think about what truly is and isn’t important. Luckily or sadly, I was driving my new car I had had only a week. If I had been driving the little truck I usually drove, I would be haunting a few people right now :slight_smile:

Sure, send me some links. I would like to look at them if nothing more than curiosity since I am in this funk and feel like I am stuck in that dune buggy sand LOL going no where fast.

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