Very Confused

Really confiused on this one - Why do all the seperate objects have the same cavity map applied? They are seperate objects yet magically appear on the ‘orc lp’ map? At no point have I linked these objects to this material

Think I might have missed somthing from earlier as my objects appear on the map but arent black as per Grants example…

Can anyone enlighten me?



As this is not attached to a lecture i cannot tell where you are in the course.
If you could please let us know the lecture you are on we may be able to help further.

Thanks in advance


The single bitmap image, with cavity information, is just a technique to keep small projects and fast rendering in game/animation environments.
You can choose for each object to have a independent map. But ten objects means also ten maps.
By selecting UV-maps and scaling, rotating or moving them, you can combine combine multiple objects (UV-Maps) into one single map. This map is connected in the single material for these objects. Each object uses the same image, but due to to UV-Map information, there use a different part of this single map.

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