User Profile / Messages are not available

If I click on a user profile, the normal display does not load, only the header. The expand icon doesn’t work. Also, if trying to view my own message, this also does not load correctly - same behaviour, only the header loads.

Updated Sun Jun 18 2017 18:33

Same behaviour on mobile also.

Oh, you took the words right out of my mouth. I discovered this the other day, and meant to post about it.

I’m having the same problems you are in this regard.

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Hi @Miss_B,

Thanks for confirming the issue.

I have raised this with the software provider.

FYI @ben / @sampattuzzi

Just out of curiosity, and wondering if it was my Firefox browser playing games, I logged in with my Opera browser, and had the same result, so it’s not just a browser issue.

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Fixed now :slight_smile:

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YAY!!! It’s all back! Thanks for letting the software provider know of the problem. :wink:

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No worries, good to have it all working again :slight_smile:

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