Useful Addition to NW: Tries Left Counter

The one thing that bugged me was the arbitrary number of tries left for the user. I added a tries left counter to make it more apparent to the user if they are about to win or lose rather than them counting in their heads. It doesn’t require any more skills than what is already in the section.

A picture(I’m new so I can’t add another picture to show before/after):

As for the code, not much more. It’s an additional Text variable attached the the number after Tries left.

It’s simple but it makes a lot of sense to have it in the game. Just wanted to show it for anyone looking for something else to add!


Very nice!

A further enhancement could be a difficulty setting, where the user can enter the number of guesses, or, perhaps select from Easy, Medium, Hard where there number of guesses is set against those in code. :slight_smile:

I like the added counter!

nice one! keep it up, always try to improve the games presented to you in this course =)

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