"Used with Landscape" removed in 4.13

If you’re running on 4.13, you’ll realize that the “Used with Landscape” tick is missing in the Material editor. This is fine, it is no longer necessary. That change is not documented very well, but you can just carry on and it will work :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing this advice, I’ve marked this as solved, which you can only do on a reply.

Thanks, this is what I came to the discussions to ask about!

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Thank you, I was just trying to figure out why! Sadly, the unreal docs are not organized well by version, so these changes are hard to find if you are on a version later than the one in which the change was made.

Thank you was wondering why I can’t see that option

Thank you for the information!

I’ll make an annotation in the video to reflect this, so that others aren’t confused.