Used Blender this week for my art class

So in my college art class we were required to make some logos. They have to be entirely in black and white for now. I wanted to make mine look 3D which is hard for two colors so I modeled the objects in blender, saved them as PNG files and used Photoshop to dial up the contrast until I had only two colors. Then I traced in Illustrator. .


Just to be curious …
If you had only used Illustrator … was the outcome then the same?
And maybe much quicker.

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I don’t think so because I was having a hard time visualizing where to put the shadows without modeling it first. I maybe could have skipped Photoshop.

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@Melissa_Marriott is right. Some high-concept artists use easy-to-shape 3D models (seen a lot of sculpts like this) to get a basic shape or scene ready to trace in details in illustration and 2D art programs. Whilst the end product is a 2D picture, the process of visualisation comes different to all people. No matter your method, it all becomes clear using this easy to remember 1 step plan:

Do what works.


Thanks! Yes, I wish I could just visualize without this step but it was so much easier with it!.

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