Updated Laser Defender web version

Here’s a gamebucket link Gambucket.io


Here is an updated version of laser defender for web. I plan on making my own ships next, and then I am going to attempt to add boss fights after you achieve X amount of points. It’s playable in the tiny default web window, but I suggest you play fullscreen and it has full controller support. I like xbox360 controllers myself on pc. UHD friendly.


Hi @Jared_Kellen,

Looking really good. The game speed still scares me, but I am putting that down to my age and less than uber reflexes :slight_smile: Not sure whether you wanted any feedback or not? Gunna throw a little at you, feel free to ignore :slight_smile:

The particle effects are great and the damage to the ships is cool too - when I first saw the damage to the ships I was like “that’s a really nice touch” - it was something I’ve not noticed other students do yet, then I spotted it was always on the same side - and at the back? :slight_smile: Would be cool to perhaps vary it a little and I wonder the same about the explosions/particle effects, maybe some variations on colours? Size wise, I think you’ve got the particle effects really well done, quite often see some of these effects being added but they always look a bit “dropped in” without out a lot of consideration to the scale, yours work really well I believe.

Didn’t notice anything specifically happening to my own ship when I hit some shots, I did get destroyed eventually, but don’t remember seeing a warning of any kind, e.g. flashing when hit, or some smoke when nearly destroyed - I may have just missed it, my eyes are very much like my reflexes :slight_smile:

Really like the music, the fast tempo suits the game speed perfectly.

Wave formation seemed to be fairly repetitive, I could be wrong, but it looked like it was the same pattern over and over - I got a score of 11,000+ so maybe I didn’t get far enough through the game to see anything else? A little variation could be nice, even if just coming in from the opposite side of the screen from time to time.

Score looks good in the font, but because it was so low to the bottom of the screen I did think at one point that I had 2,000+ points, and that the bottom of the 2 was off of the screen, turned out to be 7,000+ and was displaying correctly - just had that feeling of being off the screen if that makes any sense.

Intro with the ship flying around is cool. Sliding title equally cool. Only one minor thing, the left hand edge of the L was off of the screen for me on the laptop (Chrome, windowed and full screen)…

I like the sound of the next things you are planning, I think your game is coming along brilliantly and look forward to getting to play the next version also :slight_smile: Well done :slight_smile:

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