[Update: ver: 0.2] Vortex - My text adventure

Hey guys. This is my text adventure called Vortex.


Hosted on itch.io using WebGL so you can play it with Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox without a plugin.


UPDATE: Fixed the spelling. Added Background music and added Life and Discovery counters!


Hey there! Great game you have, I beat it using this ending(http://puu.sh/pAkKf/282ae8ca75.jpg).

I quite like that the game is large and dense, with a multitude of branching paths and choices. However, this does make the game frustrating when you’ve died. I would recommend a save feature to alleviate this problem. Also, I noticed some spelling mistakes, but they were few and far in between.

Anyway, apart from those points it’s a great game. I love the setting and orcs are pretty cool. I also like that you’ve bulit up a universe around this world, and it would be great if you expand on it using different ideas.


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Thank you for playing Battlefrog.

Yes a few spelling mistakes need sorting and I’ll do that in the next few days. I get what you mean about the frustration aspect but it is part of the old school ‘The Hobbit’ type feel that I wanted so when you were making potentially dangerous decisions you would stop and think a bit more.

Chuffed you liked my little world :slight_smile: and I also feel that there is scope for more adventures.

Nicely done. Good story, good choice of font, nice to see someone extending Prison Break.

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Fixed the spelling. Added Background music and added Life and Discovery counters!

You still have spelling errors, you misspelled adrenaline. This error can be found right after the mirror knocks you down a second time. I don’t know how the rest of your story goes but you probably have a “kajillion” errors haha.

Thanks for your ‘support’ ! @Aerek_Chinchilla

I’ve fixed that spelling mistake and rebuilt the project.

Hey, great game. I liked the music and the warping reality concept.

I’m really curious how you made this available to play in Chrome using Itch. I’ve tried myself uploading the .unity3d file to the site but it still doesn’t work. Any tips?

Hey Amberite
Thanks for taking the time to play. Im glad you enjoyed it.

Itch: Build your Unity project as WebGL. Then ZIP that whole built WebGL directory and upload that ZIP to Itch.

If you are still struggling, just ask and I will help.

Thanks for the help!

I built the game in unity with the “web player” platform selected - is that WebGL? I’m running Unity 4.7

I tried zipping the whole folder and uploading it but no luck. Itch seems to just consider it a file.

— Solved myself while looking into why it’s not working—

Yep, I need to build this in Unity 5 as it has the option to build with WebGL. I’ll convert the project over and try it again later. Thanks Paul!

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Hope you got it working ok @Amberite