Upcoming Sections of the course


Hi, my fellow Boardgameneers!

As many of you know, starting from section 4 the course will be changing up a bit. By this point you’ll have gone through a lot of the foundational concepts of game design, so the plan is to spend a while making smaller sections. Each of these small sections will be focusing on a different type of board game and looking at what makes these games work, ho to make yours rock and how all those foundational concepts fit in or differ.

The first of these is CCGs (Collectible Card Games) and LCGs (Living Card Games). At the time of writing, the second lecture in this section has just gone up.

I have some ideas of what board game types to do next, but what are your thoughts? Is there a type/genre of board game you’re desperate to see covered?


A legacy game?


I like it! I do cover what makes a Legacy Game in Section 3, but we might be able to go into it in more depth.

(Trust you to pick the most notoriously difficult board game type to get right!)


I’ll second that, a legacy / campaign in-depth section would be interesting.


Strategy / Wargames in the vein of Risk or Axis & Allies would be interesting. Resource management and worker placement are also quite fun. Would be fun to see what makes them tick and how to grow the genre.


I would love too see how designing a 4X like eclipse would be approached.


Oooooh, I like that. Didn’t even think of a 4X!


Excuse my ignorance. But what’s a 4X (other than a beer).


eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate. Think of the Civilization games on PC.