Unreal test

I decided for fun to test out what I had done so far and see how it looked in my current unreal project! I still have a lot to learn however even without the textures from within blender I think it is turning out well. I included both reg. and low poly Pawns to see how they would look, and confirm the scale result.
I can’t wait to learn more! I bet I will learn some real cool stuff soon!


Throw the chess board on the pressure plate and run for the door!!

btw you can include those pawn pieces in a blueprint and make each type an instanced static mesh to improve performance and also have moveable pieces within an easily placeable version for your levels.

You could optionally make this a c++ class but you’d need to add construction helpers if not to require additional setup.

Construction helpers are common practice in unreal c++ but are not covered in Ben’s Unreal course for some reason. (for some reason we never output debug messages to the screen either)

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