Unreal.js add Javascript simplicity to your Unreal Engine 4 projects IT IS AMAZIG!

Hey guys! I’ve found that there is a plugin for UE4 which allows you to use JS in Unreal. Isn’t it hilarious?!

Who already tried this stuff? How do you find it?

I even searched in upwork.com for freelance jobs in UE4 and I found one project which requires JavaScript knowledge! So people DO youse this technology in real world projects!!!

Right now I’m actually facing troubles getting this plugin work on my Mac. :frowning:



I installed Windows via bootcamp and I finally get this plugin work!

It works with all C++ classes but ofcourse the synthax is JavaScript, but it is so intuitively clear!!!

Intelli sence works with Visual Studio Code so well!:heart_eyes:

This is much more fun than writing complicative-supported C++ code guys!

I love this plugin and I hope EpicGames will add official support for it in the future! Cross my fingers!

P.S. The creator of the plugin on Github said that it will be soon available in Markeplace in Epic Launcher! Let’s wish him good luck and cross our fingers!

So, what are you think about it? Does it worth? is there any limitations?

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