Unreal Engine Multiplayer RTS/MOBA

I’d love to see a UE4 course that included elements of multiplayer RTS/MOBA games from scratch.

  1. A combination of C++ and Blueprint

  2. Minimap (Stationary full map and moving sectional)

    • Stationary
    • Moving sectional
  3. Cameras

    • Autofollow
    • Stationary with minimap movement
    • Stationary with screen scrolling movement
  4. Multiplayer Pregame

    • Creating lobbies
    • Chat system prior to and inside lobbies
    • Friends list
  5. Making a hero base class and instantiating it to have unique abilities, mesh, HUD, animations, etc

  6. Workers

    • Harvesting resources
    • Placing and creating a building
    • Repairing a structure
  7. Building and tech-tree requirements

I think a course containing some or all of these elements would be really popular. I’ve already purchased 2 of your Udemy courses, and have been very impressed with the material.

@Graveyard i think that would be a nice course in unity as well.

Lloyd Risper

THIS would be so insanely cool!!!