Unreal Engine C++: What are the system requirements to follow your course?


I have two machines:

  • Macbook Air 2019 16 GB RAM (No GPU)
  • Bonobo WS Extreme 2013 8 core 16 GB RAM (Very old 765m GPU)

When I open Unreal engine 4 it takes one hour to start, and one hour for the shades to just compile. It is taking so long that I am thinking my computers aren’t up to the mark.

In the course, Unreal Engine C++ Developer: Learn C++ and Make Video Games, the instructors’ computers don’t take so much time with Unreal.

Is there a system requirement? Do you need a high-power GPU? Could someone tell the specs of their laptop if they are going faster?

P.S I am a newbie in game development.

Hey man, maybe try getting an SSD for your Bonobo? Not too sure tbh.

You don’t need a high power one. A current mid-range would do just fine.
My laptop has an MX 150 and is usable with Unreal, it’s not great but perfectly adequate.

Hi all,

I bought a 1 TB SSD for my Bonobo with a 765m GPU, and now Unreal Engine isn’t taking so much time.

Thanks @LAMAR and @DanM for the help.

Glad to know that I could help homie, HDD was holding back my laptop for a long while too. SSD was 100% worth it, enjoy the upgrade

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