This link is referenced in one off the lectures and now points to malware/spam pages. Maby cut out that part of the lecture or replace it with a better reference?


@Goldragon, thanks for this - tagged for Ben’s attention.

In the interim, you may find these of use;



@ben - URL confirmed as dodgy…

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Noted, thanks!


Also see http://gameprogrammingpatterns.com/contents.html for the singleton, and other game patterns (not unity specific). For unity specific tips, there’s http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/HermanTulleken/20160812/279100/50_Tips_and_Best_Practices_for_Unity_2016_Edition.php as well as the old version at http://devmag.org.za/2012/07/12/50-tips-for-working-with-unity-best-practices/ .

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Got it. I’m working on it. Have an awesome day, everyone!

@SwampGator I’ve added this to your conversion priorities Trello Card so that I can edit.

If anyone finds any other references to this please let me know the video and time.

Many thanks

It is still there… I just watched the video for the very first time and landed on the domain owner’s empty website.

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UnityPatterns.com is gone.

The singleton page was (apparently) captured here:

Other patterns he wrote up are here:

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