Unity version for newbies

[solved ]hi, just started the course. is it ok if i install UNITY 4.7.2, cz Ben specifically says to install anything that’s “4.6. something” ??

Fat as im aware 4.x versions should be almost identical.

The major differences were in 5.x versions , and later in the course 5 is introduced.

With each new version of Unity that comes out, it gets some changes to things like coding or the animator so it would be easier for you to follow the course if you had the same version as Ben. Basically if you use a different version of Unity you may need to come on here more often to try to ask people to help you troubleshoot what is going wrong.

If you need a link to where you can download the older versions of the Unity Engine, they are here : https://unity3d.com/get-unity/download/archive?_ga=2.99745758.1353268820.1495945849-877313412.1495945842

thanks a lot everyone!

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