Unity RPG Course - WASD movement

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So I’m in the middle of the second course of the RPG series and I decided that I will change the player controller from the “click to move” style to the “WASD”. I came across a video tutorial on how to apply WASD movement with the new Unity Input System on a NavMeshAgent and read that there are a few limitation regarding obstacle avoidance so I was wondering if any of you have already tried it. Thanks for reading.



Maybe you want to check out the new RPG course by GameDev.tv then;
Unity 3rd Person Combat System Complete Course! | GameDev.tv

Looking at the 4 parts of the “click to move” rpg course,
it should not be too hard to make it awsd i guess.

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I will be working on a transition guide based on melding the new 3rd person course with the RPG course when the 3rd person course is completed.