Unity RPG adding skills to action slot

so im about to implement my skill(like ice wall, fireball, lightning storm etc…) to be used on the action slot.
my question is can i override AnimatorOverrideController with another AnimatorOverrideController?

so lets say my animation has these:
move(forward,back etc…)
attack(base on weapon)
skill(instant// shoots lightning strike)
skill(delayed cast time// casting a big spell)
skill(around player// player goes supernova or creates frost armor around him)
skill(locomotive skills// ie dashing)

so anyways if override my current override which currently is based on my weapon does the weapon override gets removed? and if not if i want to unbind the override after the it has been casted incase another skill was to be used how would i approach this?

Save a reference to the original AnimatorOverrideController, restore this after the skill is finished.

yeap i believe thats the best option so far. Btw would you know the search word, to look up on google for to get those mouse AoE highlights of where the skill will be placed?

You might check this out… unfortunately, the only way to make this happen gets into writing Shader code.

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