Unity course facebook group

I recently found that I cannot access off. Fb group for unity course.

I probably get blocked, but I don’t spam anything or have some virus or something like that. I was there only to see posts. I think, I commented only one post or so for a lifetime in the group. Can somebody tell me a reason for a block?

My facebook is:


Hi Jacob,

Your Facebook account had indeed been blocked, reasons typically include;

  • advertising (including over promotion of asset store etc)
  • posting unrelated content to the group
  • anything abusive / unfriendly towards other members

I have removed your block so you should be able to request access to the group again.

Thanks Rob,
that’s weird cause I don’t spam. I should check my history for the group.

You’re welcome.

I was of course merely listing the usual reasons, accidents do sometimes happen also :slight_smile:

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