Unity 4.3.6 Overwrote Unity 5 Installation on Mac

Just a quick note to inform about my experience.

I had previously installed Unity 5.3. Following the video I installed 4.6.3 and expected to be prompted for an installation folder, but was not given that option. The installer overwrote my Unity 5 install. I might suggest if you want to save time on a Mac to relocate or rename the default location of the Unity 5 folder before installing a previous version.


I think in the lectures it does cover this, but unfortunately for yourself, around the other way, e.g at the beginning there is the assumption that it isn’t installed at all, then later, when the lecture covers upgrading to Unity 5, there is the process of renaming the folders so that you can run two (or more copies).

Hey @ben, this could be a handy annotation?

Perhaps one other difference is that I was installing 4.3.6 and the video shows installing 4.3.9 (if I’m not mistaken). I specifically remembered during the video seeing the folder name change, but didn’t see the same during my install.

Reloading Unity 5 is not a big deal elsewhere, but from China it takes many hours. Work-arounds are a little more difficult here.

Thank you for the quick reply. Great course so far!

Uploading an annotated version now.

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Yeah Unity on Mac doesn’t let you choose the install folder which is ANNOYING as heck. I was kind of surprised this wasn’t mention in the lecture but I guess since he was on Windows it didn’t come up.

On Mac you can’t change the folder so it always installs into the same place. What you CAN do is AFTER install, rename the folder to allow you to have multiple versions.

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