Unity 2020 in the 2D Unity Course?

I’m just starting the Unity 2D course on Udemy. It uses Unity 2018 but recommends using the latest Unity version (currently 2020).

Just wondering if there’s any known issues and/or differences I should be aware of between 2020 and 2018 that would save myself some potential headaches?

Hi Potato,

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In Unity 2018.3, a new prefab system was implemented. It is way easier to use than the old one. The only problem occurs in a lecture where Rick assigns waypoints to a prefab, and those waypoints to the Inspector. That’s not a real problem, though. Check the Q&A section or the forum if you get to that lecture because you’ll find solutions there.

If the CrossPlatformInputManager package does not work, simply use Input.

That’s all, I think.

Feel free to use the latest stable version of Unity. :slight_smile:

Good to know. Thank you!

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