Unit Test Runner Replaced

Just a note that Since Unity version 5.3.x , the Unit Test Runner is obsolete and has been replaced with the Editor Tests Runner. So if you have installed the Unity Test Tools and are unsure why Unit Test Runner is not in the Unity Test Tools drop down menu, that is why.
If you go to Window>Editor Tests Runner, it appears that this replaces the Unit Test Runner option. I’m not sure if all the tests are the same, but I thought I’d start a discussion for anyone, like me, who freaked out when the Unit Test Runner was no where to be seen!!



Do you know where to find the “test on compile” option with the new version? It seems to be missing from the drop-down for me.

I was wondering the same thing I don’t have it either and can’t find anything about it posted anywhere.

It seems like the “test on compile” option is automatically set. Not ideal if your test takes a long time to run.

The option is now called test on recompile and it’s in the same place on that tiny menu in the top right :slight_smile:

The top menu on my right has no options beyond the vertical layout, horizontal layout, maximize, close tab and add tab. That is with the TestRunner tab open as I click on the small icon.

I’m on Unity 5.6.1f1 on Windows 10.

Hmm, I have a feeling it doesn’t show any until you have a test in the list. I think I had the same thing, then I added a test, then the option appeared, because you probably haven’t got the “run all” and “run selected” buttons yet either.

No, the test are showing up, and runs automatically successfully. Really odd. The two run all and run selected button are active and working too.

I thought I might be going mad, so I’ve taken a picture of my Editor Tests window, I’m using version 5.5.4f1, if that helps, maybe because yours is a beta (i’m guessing as I don’t have any updates available) there might be a bug?

I too am running 5.6.1f1 and Test Runner looks quite different than what’s shown in Lecture 210. I’m kind of at a loss at what to do now.

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