Undead Rising!

Following on from lecture 75, I’ve been playing around with animations and triggers.

Took a while to work out how to start the skeletons lying down but finally figured I could play the standing up animation that came with the skeleton backwards by putting the speed at -1. Then transition to the forward standup animation when the player came with in a set radius.

Found all the models and animations in this scene for free on the asset store except the graves which I made.


Looking good @Stephen_Crookes :slight_smile:

Nice work. Is this going to be the type of game you are making (skeletons / zombies) ?

really nice man, i like that :slight_smile: great work

That’s super cool dude, love the effect!

maybe some particles when they are emerging! :smiley:

Aiming for fantasy, like Baldur’s Gate or D&D, so skeletons yes, maybe not zombies so much.

I think this scene will get a necromancer by the church. When you step into his trigger he will summon the skeletons form their graves. Looking forward to doing the particle effects for that.


I want to make a game somewhat like the Disciples series with the turn based combat RPG. I want it to work on new systems as the game I play on an old computer that runs Vista, wont play on anything newer.
Here is a Wizard character that I am modeling from my head.

Wow. Is that on Blender. I did not know you could do that.

It should be nice to have a character modeled off of your own face.

Ty, Yes it is Blender, and I have been using it for almost 5 years now. I have been modeling Japanese float planes, and German Ships for a Book that I am writing.

I am donating the Plan Z ship lllustrations to Wikipedia in their respective articles.

I have also started a tutorial on You Tube about Star Trek ship modeling. https://youtu.be/apa3ICCAz0o
and one for drawing a Japanese Submarine float plane to put into the War Thunder CDK.
I have since considered making a course for Udemy, but I still need to learn how to texture and animate, rig and so on. I could do a course on just the modeling but I think there is already better courses and teachers. If I can better master Blender, Mud Box, and 3Ds Max then I could make a course even better and more comprehensive.
The gaming thing is because I love the first 2 Disciples games and want to make a game like them but better and higher graphics/HQ for new windows.

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Sorry I get long winded. Yes I think its cool to model myself and be able to use my custom character in a game. I’m not in great shape, but I’m also not looking like Arnold either, so I think I want to use this guy when he is done as a Wizard character/Hero leader.

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