Uncle Bob on SOLID

I just watched this through, and thoroughly enjoyed it. He doesn’t get to all 5 SOLID principles, but it’s still well worth it despite the production standards…


Really enjoyed that too, thanks for posting @ben

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The first 50 minutes was a great little history on OOP. Too bad he only had 20 minutes left to talk about SOLID. :frowning:


Yeah, he never seems to get to the last 2 or 3

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…but what I learnt about the moon was… erm… hang on, no it wasn’t… did I miss a point there? I guess it ties in loosely with “what our beliefs were” etc… ?

that would be my guess too, importance of the history of what we used to believe; leads into what we believed about programming paradigms, to how our understanding of things have changed over only a few decades. Also how have we come to the current principles in programming. There is a reason that only can be understood by visiting how we “knew” how things worked, and how things have changed, and how we know better and why all languages used today are OOP, when not long ago structural languages were the key.


I wouldn’t agree with that. Functional programming is still very much a Thing and, in some very-valid situations, it is vastly superior to object-oriented programming.

One of the most educational experiences I have had in the last year was an intensive dive into CUDA programming (and, naturally, optimisation beyond all recognition) The ideas behind CUDA (executing kernels in blocks over multiple data) and how they are used to perform bulk computation, quickly, changed the way I think.

Anything that changes the way you think is good. Learning is always good and new patterns of thought are always useful, whether they have a catchy acronym and a following in the blogosphere or not.

I’m just glad I don’t have to use punch cards to use Unity!

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