UI Display Icon working during pause

Alright so, you may have noticed a while ago, I started investigating for ways that deactivate the functionality of the hotkeys for me to open specific menus when the game is paused, but I can’t say this works for the icons that serve as the openers for these menus. How do I know? I have a UI Button that serves as the quest UI holder that still works well during pause, and I want to disable that button from working when the game is paused. How can we do that? (P.S: I apologize for the large amount of questions I have today, I did not wake up and choose violence :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

As the Q’s have been pretty much all over the place, I don’t have the exact mechanism at hand that you’re using to disable the buttons…

Paste in the scripts that are used to stop the windows from opening/closing (PauseMenuUI, whatever script they communicate with) and whatever script is controlling your QuestUI Holder and we’ll take a look.

For the moment we can keep this question on the backburner. I’m trying to finish off the Quiver system, I left the 3 questions over there. I’ll tag you again here again when we’re done with the quiver system, apologies for the confusion :slight_smile:

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