UE4 Steam Multiplayer Question

I’m working on a Multiplayer Test Project with my cousin. This is the tutorial we followed.

So far i’m able to Host a Session on my PC, then Find and Join the Session from my Laptop through Steam AND LAN. This is great. I can at least play with myself… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

However when my cousin and I try to join each other’s game. We can not find each other’s Session.

We’re thinking that this could be a Private/Public Network setting? We’ve played around with that but it hasn’t work.

I’m not sure where to take this next. Any pointer would be much appreciated!


Have you done the multiplayer course? This should cover what you need.

This community is for supporting users who undertake the GameDev.tv courses on this site or on Udemy.

You could try the Unreal Forum or the unreal slackers discord.

Hey beegeedee, I did know you guys have that course. But it’s only c++ . I was wondering if someone here knows how to do it in blueprint.

Not everything can be done in blueprint but blueprint can be extended via C++. Saying that, it should be possible to follow the course and create the same functionality using blueprint.

Other than that, the best place to ask would be over on the discord where someone may have answers for you.

Thanks! I’ll try that.