UE4 - Function is not being called

I’ve recently created a shuffle-type puzzle game for mobile (with Unreal Engine 4), where you, obviously, solve these puzzles.

Since I didn’t know how to do this puzzle mechanic in UE4, I went to UE4 - Slide Puzzle Pt.1 by Nicholas Thompson.

The problem:

Somewhat halfway through the tutorial, I stumbled on a very important issue: the block / tile of the puzzle wasn’t moving when clicked on.

What I did:

I then rewatched the whole tutorial again, and didn’t find anything wrong. I tried placing Print Strings on Bind Event to OnClicked, it worked, then I placed it on Mesh Clicked, and it didn’t.

Cause of problem:

After I debugged, I found out that Move To was not called because for some reason, Is Valid…didn’t work? (This is found at the end of the chain in the Mesh Clicked custom event.)

The code for the Event Graph is pasted here. (Get Move To blueprint.)

I have been trying to fix this problem for days, help would be very much appreciated! Thank you!