UE 5 crypt game lighting not working

Ok so first I was adding lights to the crypt game then I noticed there are somehow lights in the building (because I only added a skylight and a directional light and I had a roof

). Then I saw this “lighting needs to be rebuilt error”. So I tried to do that. But then I got a “lighting build failed” and “map check found some errors”

I tried restarting my computer, updating unreal engine 5.1 to 5.11, and it still does not work. output logs: https://github.com/7-Bar/error-log/blob/main/log
please help me fix this I want to continue learning.

If I’m not mistaken, lighting has issues on macOS and 5.1. Do you get the same issues with 5.0?

Yes you are correct, I found out that mac actually has problems with unreal engine 5.1 . But I found out, according to the unreal engine road map, in unreal engine 5.2 they will add native support on apple silicon. link: https://portal.productboard.com/epicgames/1-unreal-engine-public-roadmap/tabs/85-unreal-engine-5-2 And there is going to be an epic games event like in 2 days so I will only have to wait 2 days for it to release. But thanks anyways!

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