Tutorial/Plugin suggestions for animated stormy sky atmosphere?

Hey everybody!

I’m working on a short horror-esc animation, I have most of my scene worked out (buildings, cars, ground, etc) except for the sky, which I really wanted to have a dark rainy/stormy sky. I’ve found a lot of tutorials on YouTube that talk about how to make a cloudy sky, which helps a lot, though all of them are aimed for a single frame render… not for a realistic animation.

I know how to make animated rain by assigning a single droplet to particle emission system and program it to fall downward from a plane in a random fashion, but I’m not sure how to make slow moving clouds that are lit up from time to time with lighting (that additionally are optimized well enough to not cause my scene to lag or have my render last weeks (as certain shots are wide-framed “crane-like” shot that sweep across a big scene, high-def clouds over a scene that big are a huge strain on my PC and I feel the pros get a similar better optimized effect in a much simpler fashion.)).

So my question is, does anyone know a tutorial which discusses this? Or does anyone know a plugin for Blender which helps quickly generate the effect I’m looking for (I know there are ocean simulators, I’d imagine there’s something similar for the sky)? If you have any tips you’ve discovered yourself, I welcome those as well :stuck_out_tongue:. Anything to help get this project moving forward again…

Edit: I wanted this to work in Cycles! I know Blender Render has a “generate cloud” add-on but that does not work in Cycles :C

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