Try our new custom emotes


Try out our brand-new custom emotes…

:leaf: :ben: :mikey: :sam: :rick: :yann: etc :slight_smile:

To use type :leaf: :ben: :mikey: :sam: :rick: :yann: etc

Enjoy, and @Rob if you’d like your face there do add it or ask us to :slight_smile:


Thanks for the offer Ben, not really sure how/where I’d use it though.

The social media platform ones I added a while ago however I’ve wired up with hyperlinks, see my expanded profile view here for an example.

It’s not perfect but it’s a handy way to get around the inability to have social media platforms linked from user profiles.


We want Rob’s Face :smiley:


Hehe, it’s already on my profile, and besides, everyone mixes Rick and myself up anyway so one emote can serve ye wo purposes and save disc storage…


But the one on your profile can’t be inserted into random posts on the board! :wink:

I can tell the difference :stuck_out_tongue:



…because I carry an air of failure about me? :smiley:


Because you carry an air of friendship and helpfulness. :innocent:


lol… right, that’s it, new New Year’s resolution… need to put pay to that! :wink:




How’s this :rob: ?


:rob: :rob: :rob: :rob: :rob: :rob:
:rob: :rob: :rob: :rob: :rob: :rob:
:rob: :rob: :rob: :rob: :rob: :rob:
:rob: :rob: :rob: :rob: :rob: :rob:
:rob: :rob: :rob: :rob: :rob: :rob:
:rob: :rob: :rob: :rob: :rob: :rob:


I’d suggest an infringement of my copyright and abuse of my human rights.

Remove please.


Not sure if you’re serious here or sarcastic, but note it’s removed so will leave it that way :slight_smile:


Didn’t want it. Looks pretty bad in my opinion, didnt want my face involved in that and I doubt these will ever be used, other than by @noise.

I asked for it to be deleted but it wasn’t, so I removed it myself.