Try my Prison escape game!


Not sure if it’s an issue at my end, but all I’m getting is the Unity splash screen - the game doesn’t seem to run any further than that :confused:

Hi! Thank you Baiswith for letting me know, I have fixed it by changing to Unity 5’s WebGL, here is the link!


Great, it’s working now :thumbsup:

I loved the twist where you ‘escape’ and find it’s a test, then either end up an assassin, or escaping (for real this time?) again. :smile:

Out of curiosity, what was your logic behind the keys you chose for player inputs? I’m thinking specifically when you’re in the first cell, and it’s ‘A/S/D’, which seemed to me to be because of their location on the keyboard rather than their relation to the option each represented?

Hey thanks for trying it out! Glad you liked it :smiley: yeah it was mostly because of the position, i figured that most people would get tired of looking around their keyboard for the letters, and having them set in one place, specifically one that is so comon in most games, (W, A, S, D) would be more comfortable for a greater audience hahaha.

Really cool :slight_smile:

Was confused at first with the button layout but think your way works better than the tutorial. Loved how you did the combat bits as well!!

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