Trivia game based on Terminal Hacker: Retro Trivia!



Welcome to what feels like my first “proper” game!

I took the Terminal Hacker concept and decided to build something a bit more dynamic.

Retro Trivia is a trivia game played in a retro style terminal interface. You get to pick from one of 8 categories, pick the number of questions you’d like and the difficulty level.

The questions are then downloaded from a pretty nifty web API called OpenTDB:

At the end of the quiz you get a score and get called a silly name and shown a silly ASCII emote depending on what percentage of questions you got correct.

I did have a few other plans for features but a) an iterative approach is best anyway rather than doing too much in one go and b) I want to get on with Section 3 because, as nice as this game is, I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in with Unity and c) this ended up taking me a lot longer than I originally expected mostly down to the UnityWebRequest and JSON handling stuff.

I certainly dived much deeper into the nuts and bolts of C# than I intended!

I’m sure there’s many things wrong with the game and many things that could be improved. I would love to hear your feedback so you can play the game right here:

Thanks :slight_smile:


I’m cracking on with section 4 now(!), but still hoping people will give my Terminal Hacker game a try.

Has anyone played it, yet? Would love some feedback, good or bad!


Cool. May we see the source.


Really awesome idea, loving it! Well done :smiley:

One thing I have noticed though, is that the “WIN” screens are not handling all messages. After I got my interesting name (haha, you may call me “Cool Kid”), it asked me to try again and have more fun. Then I noticed, that instead of being told to do something specific (although I saw the (M)enu and (Q(uit messages at the bottom), it was only telling maybe I should try again.

I would recommend (if I may be so bold), that you instruct the user to try again by returning to the main menu, instead of just telling them to try again, and ALSO, to maybe handle any other messages besides valid ones, just like you would on the main menu. :smile:

Here is what happened when I entered any other values besides M or Q:

Please take this as constructive criticism, and although you might not update it again, since it was just a test, use it as something to remember for future projects.

Overall LOVED it though, really an amazing spin on the original game!!! Keep it up :wink: