Trivia game based on Terminal Hacker: Retro Trivia!



Welcome to what feels like my first “proper” game!

I took the Terminal Hacker concept and decided to build something a bit more dynamic.

Retro Trivia is a trivia game played in a retro style terminal interface. You get to pick from one of 8 categories, pick the number of questions you’d like and the difficulty level.

The questions are then downloaded from a pretty nifty web API called OpenTDB:

At the end of the quiz you get a score and get called a silly name and shown a silly ASCII emote depending on what percentage of questions you got correct.

I did have a few other plans for features but a) an iterative approach is best anyway rather than doing too much in one go and b) I want to get on with Section 3 because, as nice as this game is, I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in with Unity and c) this ended up taking me a lot longer than I originally expected mostly down to the UnityWebRequest and JSON handling stuff.

I certainly dived much deeper into the nuts and bolts of C# than I intended!

I’m sure there’s many things wrong with the game and many things that could be improved. I would love to hear your feedback so you can play the game right here:

Thanks :slight_smile:


I’m cracking on with section 4 now(!), but still hoping people will give my Terminal Hacker game a try.

Has anyone played it, yet? Would love some feedback, good or bad!