Triple X Story Scenario

This is a generic story I set up for my version of Triple X. It’s based off of a horror script you’d typically watch in movies like Saw.

Scenario: You find yourself trapped in a well secured cement basement with 3 other captives. You all don’t know how you ended up here, but you do know that there is a way out. By the door is a security padlock with a keypad. On the wall to your left is a message stating that you must guess the right passcode. If you guess right, the door will open to your safety, if you guess wrong, then toxic gas will be released in the room leading you and your fellow captives to doom. Since no one in the room decided to take responsibility for their lives by trying to figure out the code, you all decided to play rock paper scissors. It turns out that you are the one to try and open the door. You kept in mind the hint at the end of the message on the wall: “There are three numbers needed to open the door, three of the numbers multiplied together make n, added together makes n.”


I love this story scenario :heart:

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Thanks, I’m not really into horror games, but this scenario was the only alternative I could think of other than the original.

I love it!