Trello like Roadmap for voting new course features

Instead of in a forum, I’d like to see a more feature driven voting that has some partitioning based on demand for course features. The closest I’ve seen to this is like the trello based UE roadmap here:

It’s a bit too hard to see what’s been brought up as course features already with this community forum system for ideas.

You could from a company view, put out course ideas with features you’d like to implement and maybe allow voting per feature that is optional, and not allow voting for features you know you want to include. Then this could be a public roadmap where you get community input but it doesn’t derail your intended course structure.

IF nothing like this exists maybe you could make it… hah, then sell it to udemy?


Cheers and thanks for the great courses,

Doug Taggart

I was looking for this. This is really needed. It’s much better than using a discussion forum.

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