Tower Defense: Demon Rush

I’m sticking with the 3D Medieval style, going to keep models about Old School RuneScape level, at least for now. I like to try to make my practice games tell the backstories of the world of my dream project – so they all share a world, without being my dream project itself.

In this game, the demons were attracted like predators to a world ripe with religious energy. You have to stop them from tearing down civilization with resources which replenish slowly as enemies are defeated – but the enemies will also attack the towers, costing more resources and time. Demons can come in the form of lumbering brutes, foot soldiers, and flying artillery beasts, with a boss at the end of each level.

Can you stop the horde?

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Sounds Great, The runescape design would be cool brings back memories. I really Like how you making you’re own universe with all your games being connected in some way.