Tips for sculpting facial features

Does anyone have any tips for drawing the facial features on a character? I’m finding it very hard to make the face and I don’t know how to colour it in. Is it best to add objects like the lips or eyebrows? xxx jess


You need to make a UV-map of the head mesh.
Then you can start using the Blender texture paint feature,

You paint on the 3D surface.


It looks like you’re trying to sculpt without dyntopo so as your model gets bigger, you’re losing geometry.

Make sure that you turn on dyntopo each time you enter sculpt mode.

Make sure you’re sculpting with dyntopo turned on.

If you have UVs on your model, each time you enter sculpt mode, dyntopo will be toggled off automatically, so make sure to turn it back on or you can delete your UV Map.


These are the settings I normally use for dyntopo.

Also to delete your UV Map, you go here and press the minus button:


I havn’t got to the uv part of my course yet xxx jess

Thank you for the tips, I have been using dyntopo, but I don’t fully understand it - or remesh, - practise makes perfect xxx jess

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I found layers to be really useful in building up features as it layers on top of what shape you already have, then i would just smooth and cut and refine with draw. Hope this helps some


Can you explain and possibly screenshot what you mean by working in layers for sculpting?


Certainly! Basically what i mean by layers is the layer tool in sculpt menu, lets say you make a nose shape and use the draw tool this will add new detail and shape to your model. But if you use the layer tool it takes the shape you have already made and just layers clay in that area, as well i found blob tool to be handy as it build volume on surface instead of inflate which puffs up area from underneath i can certainly get screenshots of example later if needed.