Timed Block Breaker

Here’s my block breaker game. It has a timer, which you can use to compare your progress, if you survive to the end.

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Really nice @HomeschoolMafia, I really like the music and the counter is a nice touch - I didn’t get to the end of the first level alas!

Couple of thoughts…

  • Music sounds up beat and fun - “crack” / “boing” sound a little sad :cry:
  • Gravity is in effect and seems a bit harsh, there were a couple of ricochets where I felt the fall should have kept going instead of falling downwards.
  • Counter at the top in the middle appeared right on the top edge for myself, could maybe do with just nudging down a little and being a little bigger perhaps?
  • How about adding some lives? You could add a time penalty when the player uses one perhaps?

I have changed the game to include your suggestions, with the exception of gravity. I messed around with the gravity a little bit, and I like having it a little higher.

Just had another play, looking good. Counter is more easy to see, and the lives make the game much more enjoyable as I don’t have to restart instantly. I think the counter and the lives text is still quite close to the edge but I could read it.

The music is great and the new sound effects are definitely more fitting with the music and game play, I especially like the bouncing sound effect.

On the gravity front, entirely your choice, your game - one minor note was that I did have an almost horizontal wall ricochet which when I hit the ball, because it hit the side of the paddle, sent it downwards and off the screen - my feeling was that if the gravity hadn’t brought it down in that way I may have made the shot - hard to call though. One other way around this may be to change the shape of the paddle, I think in the course there was a bit where the edges are made angular, this would cause the physics to pretty much always bounce the ball back upwards from an edge of paddle rebound (I think)… again suggestion only, really nice - well done :slight_smile:

I think you should make the paddle a bit larger. Also, You’ve had the lives stay consistent throughout each level: how’d you do that? I tried to do that by making the lives static but couldn’t get them to refill after a game over.

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