Thrown Off Thrones! -- My first project mixing Glitch Garden and Laser Defender

Hey Guys!

I created this after finishing the Laser Defender and Glitch Garden Tutorials. Going to try my hand at the 3D bowling next. Awesome Course!

Hope you guys like it :slight_smile:

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Is that a haidouken animation in one of the pictures?

lol yes! …

Nice! Great job pulling everything together.

What does that mean?

Love that line!

It seems like the user can fire as fast as they can click - it would make it a bit more challenging if that were limited? Although maybe the enemies would just overrun everything then…

A cover of Game of Thrones intro? The Google Play store seems like a pretty “official” thing, is it legal to release covers of work without some kind of licensing (regardless of how cute the cover is…)? I’m genuinely asking, does it depend on how closely it adheres to the original?

Thanks for trying it! :)…i was waiting for someone to say something about the game of thrones tune…honestly even Im not sure if it’s ok…but I did some research online and figured that as long as you don’t make profit out of it google play will not outright stop your upload…just place games without ads and make sure any copyrighted content isnt posted on your Google Play page for the game (images , videos etc)…it’s safe enough as long as you don’t try to make money out of someone else’s hard work…

I made a Ben 10 themed game for my nephew on his bday and loaded it on google play with images and all…lol…they rejected it immediately but the person who rejected it from Google play asked me to take the images out of the play store page and resubmit when I told him/her it was not for commercial use…I ended up removing the Ben 10 resources from the game itself before resubmitting because I didn’t have the patience for someone else to reject it again :)…

And about the game…“I took my special move out of the top shelf” basically means I took my hadoken from the cupboard top shelf where I always keep it (just in case ) …and i kept the projectile fire on every touch because the enemies were destroying me otherwise like u said…that’s why I used a boomerang projectile from the second level onwards so that people won’t get trigger happy

Have a great day :slight_smile:

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